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Andobil: The 2022 New Third-Generation Bike Phone Mount [Full Protection & Super Stable]

Andobil third-generation bike phone mount is our first crowdfunding product and has won the support of more than 1,0000 cycling enthusiasts around the world.They are very satisfied with our creativity and design.

Andobil Bike Phone Holder Main Features:

  • Full Protection: Four high-quality corrugated silicone cushions which can completely wrap your phone with high protection and shock absorption. Ensure the safety of your mobile phone under any circumstances.

  • One-Hand Operation: The Y-shaped design allows one-hand operation. Just place and lock, and you're ready to go.

  • Extreme Flexibility: Thanks to the 360-degree swivel head, your phone can be oriented to portrait, landscape, or any angle in between.Provide you with a perfect riding perspective.

  • Easy to install: The handlebar clamp is very easy to install; No tools are required. The clamp can be easily fixed to the handlebar by hand.

  • Super Stable: The bicycle phone mount has a security lock system that can tightly lock your phone on the mount.The upgraded handlebar clamp can fasten the bike phone holder to the handlebars firmly. And there won't be any sliding.

All-round Adjustable Viewing Angle, Perfect Riding Angle for You to Choose!

bicycle phone holder

bike phone holder

Universal Handlebars Phone Holder

The upgrade clamp 3.0 adopts TPU soft rubber pads with non-slip, firm and non-scratch characteristics, And the bike phone mount clamp's size is adjustable, fit for any handlebars between 0.6-1.75 inches (15-45 mm) diameter.

Compatibility with:

- Bike: Road Bike, Gravel Bike, Mountain Bike, City/Hybrid Bike, Gear Bike

- Motorcycle: Motocross, Cross Country, Trail, Dual Sport, Supersport, Hyper Naked, Sport Heritage, Transcontinental Touring, Adventure Touring, Sport Touring, Scooter

- ATV: Sport, Utility

- Other: Stroller, Treadmills, Shopping carts etc.

bicycle phone mount

bike phone mount

Some Details You Need to Know:

Q1: Will the bike phone holder fit for my iPhone 13 with an Otterbox?

A1:Yes,it will fit for your iPhone 13(6.1") with an Otterbox. But please note (4.7"-6.5" work with Otterbox/Ring/Thick/Thin case. 6.7"-6.8" only work with thin case, not work with Otterbox).

Q2: In what direction should the bike phone holder be mounted?

A2: The two corners of the mount should be at the top, and the part reserved for the charging hole should be at the bottom. Please be careful not to install it backwards.

Q3: How can the mobile phone be installed more firmly?

A3: After putting the phone in the mount, please don’t forget to turn off the lock button on the back.After locking,to make sure the phone doesn't drop.

Q4: How to install and remove the mobile phone?

A4: When you install or remove the phone, you only need to pull the phone mount downwards. Please do not pull the two corners above the phone mount, it may damage the structure of the phone mount.

Q5: What should I do if the two corners above the mount cannot be restored to their original positions?

A5: If you accidentally pull the top two corners and cannot automatically return to the original position, you can return to the original position by slapping down hard.