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We believe in partnerships. Our partnership program will provide you with the best resources, sales support and training to gain more customers and clients and build a better business experience.

The development
of Andobil
  • 2023

    With full brand confidence, Andobil hopes to develop distribution opportunities to provide you with access to success and a win-win partnership.

  • 2022

    Through strong supply chain strengths, Andobil developed the Life Stands, which received critical acclaim upon launch and quickly entered the TOP100 category on Amazon.

  • 2021

    Introducing innovative technology to research and produce MagSafe Car Phone Mounts, Andobil provided users with a more intelligent and efficient user experience.

  • 2020

    Gradually expanding its product line to meet niche markets, Andobil developed cup phone holders and photography tripods.

  • 2019

    Through continuous product optimization and improvement, Andobil introduced a second hit product:the Metal Clip Car Phone Mounts, which fully meets the diversified needs of consumers.

  • 2018

    Anodbil introduced its first hit product:a 3-in-1 dashboard car phone holders. The product is highly practical and portable, and has been widely welcomed and recognized.

Why choose Andobil


sold worldwide


Available in 65 Countries


Pioneer in phone holder
for 6 years

Diversified Products Categories

Andobil has a wide range of products with different styles and features. The product range includes car phone mounts, bike phone mounts, phone tripods, phone grips, kickstands, which can meet the needs of different users and provide you with more sales opportunities. The products not only have exclusive design patents, good quality and reasonable prices, which can make them more competitive in the market.

brand strength

As a leading electronics holder, Andobil has always been known for its product quality and premium service. Our advanced techniques and high quality materials are utilized in car phone mounts, phone tripods, and desktop stands, among others. Each product undergoes rigorous laboratory testing and quality control to ensure stable and reliable protection of the phone, providing our customers with a seamless and secure user experience.

Worry-Free Spot Trading

Andobil has a professional team, an independent production plant, ample product inventory and stable logistics channels. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality pre-sales consultation and after-sales services. Whether customers encounter any issues before or during the purchase process, we will respond promptly and resolve issues to ensure a worry-free shopping experience and resolve your concerns.

No-Worry After-Sales Service

Andobil will offer you comprehensive support and services including professional sales training, marketing support, and after-sales services to make you more confident and efficient in conducting your business. Our partnership policies are flexible and diverse, including exclusive regional agencies, non-regional limited agencies, and other forms, allowing you to flexibly choose and realize your entrepreneurial dreams based on your strengths and market demand.

Brand Support

1.Exclusive agency: Having exclusive sales rights for the agency region.
2.Market support: Providing support in Andobil market research, marketing strategies, promotion activities, and other areas to help you better carry out market promotion activities.
3.Training support: Providing training support in areas such as product knowledge, sales skills, after-sales service to help you improve professional skills and service levels.
4.Quick settlement: Sales commissions will be settled on a monthly basis, simply and quickly.


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In short, Andobil has strong capabilities and high-quality services. As a brand with aspirations, we have been continuously promoting product innovation and service upgrades to provide customers with a better shopping experience. If you are interested in becoming a partner with us, feel free to contact us.

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