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1. Free sample: The first 300 users who sign up for the campaign will get Andobil Easyfly for free(random color) on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last. Click here to get your Easyfly.

2. Registration time: 2022-11-29 23:59 PDT-2022-12-10 23:59 PDT

3. Content uploading time:2022-12-25 23:59 PDT

4. The published content needs to be added to the topic:#maglifewithandobileasyfly

5. For residents of the United States and Germany only. Unfortunately, as Easyfly was available in September 2022, only two countries are currently selling it. Therefore, this campaign are limited to those living in the United States and Germany. Thank you for your understanding.

Andobil retains the right of final interpretation.


You can choose to buy Easyfly(50% off) and participate in our campaign.


You can post on Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook, and we'll announce the winners based on the number of likes on all platforms.

There is no limit to how many times you can submit. You can post or submit many videos, but we will select the post with the most likes on each platform as the figure statistic. More posts will increase the likelihood that your post will get the most likes.

1. You can invite your friends to like your posts. 2. You can share your posts with more communities. 3. You can post more posts and find the most popular post.

Due to the uncontrollable Amazon logistics delivery delay due to the Christmas holiday, some customers have not yet received the goods and the Andobil team has decided through internal discussions. 

In order to allow everyone to receive the goods smoothly, have time to experience Easyfly and complete the shooting happily , we will extend the work submission time until 12.25 23:59 (PDT), hope you have a happy Christmas.

MagLife With Easyfly

Ready for Christmas Day? Christmas Day is our annual celebration. It teaches us to love, share and be grateful, so it's one of the most memorable moments of the year. In addition to the traditional custom of attending Christmas parties and enjoying Christmas dinners, Christmas gradually accumulates an emotional bond of companionship but also carries with expectations and wishes for the life of each year. To that end, Andobil has launched a special and fun Christmas campaign. Let Easyfly to accompany you as you capture and record real and specific scenes of life that can be sensed, confirmed, and participated in, framing these lovely and touching moments in our lives. We love life, but we love you more who love life deeply.

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