[Easyfly Ring phone grip] Guide & Help

2022-12-08 15:54:46

Dear Andobil Customer:

This is Evelyn. Thank you for supporting this new release-Easyfly phone grip.

-----[Do you like using it?]

Some customers shared with us that the product is a little heavy and ring is a bit hard to take out.

Do you feel the same? This is a new product. Everyone's experience is different. Please tell me your opinion and experience and we will plan the subsequent optimization accordingly.

-----[Solution for heavy & hard to take the ring out]

After receiving some feedback from customers, we have tried to optimize the problem of heavy and hard to pull out rings. If you think this problem affects your use, you are welcome to apply for this new version for trial, you don't need to pay anything or return that one. Please note that, this version only has the color of black fiber for now and is expected to be available in the middle of December.

Please click here to apply.

Any other problems or sharing, welcome to share!


Thank you again for your help and support for the growth of this new product. We will do everything to give back to you.


Evelyn-Andobil Lifetime Service Team


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