2022 Andobil's Most Stable Car Phone Mount

Andobil's Most Stable Car Phone Mount

Wondering if you have the following concerns when browsing such products:

1: Are you worried that the base of the suction cup type car phone holder will not be sticky for a long time, and it will melt when heated, leaving glue residue?

2: Are you worried that your phone is too big and the phone case is too thick and the installation will be unstable?

3: Are you worried that the base will be unstable because the dashboard of your car is not flat?

4: Are you worried about the inconvenient adjustment of the angle and position of the mobile phone so that you have a bad driving vision?

5: Are you worried that the repeated installation and removal of the suction cup car phone holder will affect the stickiness?

This new product can help you solve all these problems, it acts as andobil's most stable car phone holder.

The base adopts the latest patented transparent soft sticky 3M glue, high-quality VHB material, which enhances the adhesion of the base up to 65lbs, firmly locks your base without shaking, and also enhances durability and heat resistance, can withstand Living in the temperature range of -40~212°F, even in hot summer, it will never affect the use.

With the upgrade of the panel, the feet have been lengthened, and the clamping arms have been widened to 1.3 inches wider than the common 1.06 inches in the market, with a strong clamping force of up to 52lbs, which is compatible with thicker phone cases and larger mobile phones ( 4-7 inch mobile phone, even Apple 13Promax or Samsung S22), it can also hold the phone firmly in place, fully compliant with the latest [MIL-STD-810H] shockproof standard. In addition, the silicone material of the clip arm can prevent violent shaking while protecting your phone.

Adjustable clip arms and extendable feet form a stable triangular structure that keeps the phone stable even in extreme road conditions.

And the lines on the smooth bottom plate show different effects as the light changes.

The design of the unprecedented deformable and bendable base makes it compatible with any curved dashboard without leaving any gaps, basically no model restrictions, and no longer have to worry about installing it in a specific location.

The innovative movable gear and protruding round rail design allow the bracket to be adjusted horizontally 360 degrees, allowing you to adjust the angle and range widely. Based on the disadvantage that ordinary suction cups on the market need to be removed to replace the angle and then installed, the viscosity will gradually weaken. The design of this product has been upgraded, and the angle can be adjusted only by turning, without affecting the viscosity of the base at all.

And an innovative-grade gear and dial lock design that allows for free installation and removal without sacrificing suction.

Our product only needs to unlock the dial lock, rotate or re-install the bracket to fix the angle, and then lock it through the base dial lock, which is very simple and convenient, and does not affect the base's stickiness at all, and it can remain very stable even on bumpy roads. shake.

An optional base is included to give you an alternative mounting location, such as on your other vehicle.

This product combines the characteristics of the market and solves some of the problems that most customers worry about. If you have any questions about the product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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