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About us

Andobil Technology is dedicated to designing & producing high-end electronics. We make people’s lives easier and better with smart connector,come to join us and #Smart & Connected#

who we are

Andobil Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that integrates independent research and development, design, production and sales of smart connector , charging equipment and other digital accessories products. This is a new high-end electronic brand dedicated to providing high quality products and good services for customer.

What we do

At present, Andobil's main product line includes HDMI converter series, Mini DP converter series, Display port converter series, VGA series, Wireless Charging series, USB series . Andobil focuses on designing and developing products from user experience and pursues the product's durability & safety environmental protection to meet customer needs . Every Andobil’s staffs put their passion and sincerity into the work, trying to offer best products and service for the customers.

What we expect

---We pursue ultimate customer satisfaction and employee welfare.

---We pursue to achieve the company's stable development and continued profitability .

---We hope to become a respected company , making people’s lives easier and better.


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